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dimanche 20 octobre 2013

An american soprano in Paris! Miss Elisa Doughty! At the American Church -Dimanche 27 octobre 2013

Last year was a though year for me specially around February for lost of reasons... 
But what's good when you are in living in Paris is that lovely things can happen by miracle!

Elisa Doughty is what one of them !

So there I was at the Galerie Vivienne one of the well known passages couverts (75002) at "les caves Legrand"(a wine bar) who organize once in a month " les jeudis Legrand".
The concept is simple: you listen to great music while tasting some amazing wines!http://caves-legrand.com/
By the way, the next session is this thursday:http://caves-legrand.com/evenement/index.asp?ID_RUB=3

So on this particular Thursday Miss Doughty was performing her "I wish you love cabaret".
I felt in love with this woman, her voice, her look, her everything! She could definetively be french! She has ce je ne sais quoi.
Don't miss her: she plays for free at The American Church American art songs and musical theatre :Copland, Moore, Duke, Beach, Bernstein, Porter, Guettel

Let's swing!!!!!

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